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As a licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor, I will analyze your current Sales Operations and make the appropriate recommendations on your Unique Value Proposition, Sales Strategy and Process, Sales Staff and compensation system, CRM, and if required lead the team on as a fractional Vice President of Sales until your revenue is meeting expectations. 

On Site Sales Discovery

On-Site Sales Discovery is based on a proven methodology, working closely with your senior management team to provide an objective assessment of the key drivers of sales organization productivity. We then develop a prioritized action plan and recommendations on how to improve the sales performance of your organization.

Genesis Sales Plan

Genesis Sales Plan is a comprehensive sales plan that provides you with all the tools needed to build the appropriate sales infrastructure, effectively manage your sales team and hire the right salespeople.

Certified Sales Leader

CSL training focuses on the entire sales management skillset, supplying needed sales processes and tools while other programs focus only on selling skills or a single sales management skill.  The training is conducted in person by an experienced VP of Sales who will not only teach, but will coach and consult. CSL instructors have over 10+ years of successful, real-world, executive sales leadership experience and are adept at guiding the Sales Manager on how to
apply the practical application of the program for future success. MA WTFP Express Grant Approved.

Outsourced VP of Sales

As your Outsourced VP of Sales, I do the work for you. I will build a sales plan, processes and team that delivers on your revenue goals. I take on all of the work involved with managing your sales team so you can run the business.

Investment Sales Analysis

Whether you are buying or selling a business, the due diligence process of understanding a company’s strengths and weaknesses is critical prior to investment or sale. Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis® (ISA) service provides an in-depth evaluation of 16 key sales drivers to determine current sales infrastructure, and identify the business’s buy-cycle stage based on actual revenue.

Get a Free Sales Agility Assessment

Do You Have a Solid Sales Infrastructure

If any of these sound familiar, take the free Sales Agility Assessment for a full report on the status of your sales infrastructure

  • Stagnant or Declining Sales

  • Revolving Door of salespeople

  • Lack of salesperson accountability

  • Uncertain future revenue

  • Lack of repeatable sales process

  • Compensation plans that don't incent the right behavior

  • Difficulty gaining new business and diversifying

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