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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


How many of my sales team members can attend the sales training workshops?

Frabul often hosts free sales workshops or masterclasses for various organizations. 


These are open to all who sign up, and are in-person or virtual depending on the preference of the group.


Sales Operations

What does sales operations / infrastructure mean?

Sales Operations is responsible for everything from lead management, sales strategy, and territory structuring and alignment to sales process optimization, compensation plans, sales automation, training, and data analytics and reporting.


Sales Training

What are the top general objectives of sales training?

The benefits of continuing education of your customer facing employees are numerous:

Improved employee retention

More confidence

Average of 50% more sales

Average 353% training ROI


Success with Sales Ops

How can my company succeed in sales operations?

Your company will be better positioned for sustainable top-line growth if you optimize your sales infrastructure, make certain you have the right people in the right seats, and have a leader who can instill a culture of accountability.

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