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Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant

Training grants are available to Massachusetts Businesses for most Frabul programs

You might ask… what’s the catch? Why would my business be eligible for funding (AKA, free money!). The answer is, there is no catch. As long as you meet the following requirements, you essentially have already paid for the program, and all that’s left to do is get your grant, and get learning!

Wait - did someone say funding!?

Businesses that contribute to the Workforce Training Fund are eligible to apply for an Express Grant. For grant recipients with less than 100 MA employees, grant funds are limited to $20,000 per company per calendar year and $3,000 per employee per course.


If approved, the WTFP will reimburse you for up to 100% of the actual cost of training.

Express Grant Program

Express grant program - Frabul LLC_edited.jpg
  • Certificates of Good Standing are required for companies to participate in these programs

  • Applications must be filed 21 days in advance of the training (there are no exceptions)

  • MA DUA number and Federal EIN number will be required on the application

  • Contact us for help with the application process

Important application requirements

MA Grant Application Process - Frabul LLC_edited.png

The Express Program provides employers fast, simple access to grant-funded training, helping businesses in Massachusetts respond to emerging needs.

MA WTFP Application Process

Express training program grant information by Frabul-LLC (1).gif

Need help with the grant application process?

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You're on your way to increased revenue!

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