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How easy would CRM become if the administrative tasks were completed by AI?

I had the opportunity to meet with Nikki Gagnon and Nishit Asnani of Sybill - an AI program which integrates with CRM to take notes, determine next steps in the sales process, identifies the connectivity with participants on the call, etc.


This is an absolute game changer for any organization looking at how to make their team more productive, and close more deals.


As of today, the program will integrate with Salesforce and HubSpot. By the end of the year, Sybill will have the additional integration capability with Pipedrive. Ultimately, I would like to see a connection to Zapier so this can be integrated with the plethora of other CRM programs out there.


How does it work? Currently Sybill only works with video calls on Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. Next iteration should be integration with VOIP calls made directly from the CRM platform.


What does it do? Sybill will transcribe a call be speaker. It will determine next steps based on certain keywords. You have the ability to improve the vocabulary if there are industry specific terms which are important. In the EQ subscription level - the program will identify positive interactions such as head nodding, smiles, and leaning forward. It will also note disengagement. This allows you to go back to the video and review any areas of positive discussion, or find out when you lost the audience.


A follow-up email is generated (you have the ability to edit before sending), saving 15-20 minutes of your time (think more time in front of customers and prospects instead of admin)!


Sybill will review all previous calls and notes to make the appropriate updates to the opportunity such as a budget change or timing.


Welcome to the evolution of sales enablement. If you are interested in trying Sybill out, click here:  Sybill

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