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Tips on how to phrase your “ask” with AI content creation tools

Have you been using an AI content creator like ChatGPT only to find that the output is not quite what you anticipated?  If the answer is “yes”, you are not alone.


These new tools are very flexible when it comes to writing style and the amount of information you provide to it.  On the sales front, here are some tips about how to phrase your input to get a better output the first time:



"Provide me with a list of creative icebreakers to engage potential clients during cold calls."  If the prospects are all from one vertical, consider adding a phrase related to that vertical.



"Craft a compelling elevator pitch for our new product, highlighting its unique value proposition."  You will need to provide additional information about the unique value of your product for this to generate properly.



"Help me outline a client-specific proposal that emphasizes ROI and addresses their key pain points."  Additional inputs required will be the client, magnitude of ROI and description of their pain points.  Remember – this is a content creation tool, not a mindreader!


Overcoming Objections

 "Suggest effective responses to common objections like 'It's too expensive' or 'We're not interested.' “


Email Outreach and Follow-Up

"Write a follow-up email that rekindles interest after an initial outreach, focusing on benefits and next steps."  The benefits will have to be spelled out along with desired next steps.


These are just a few examples of how a content creator can help you generate useful content for LinkedIn or Email messages.  The more inputs you provide, the more accurate the output will be.


Don’t forget the other tools out there like Bard from Google, Jasper, and Rytr.


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