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Why bother reinventing the templates for your Business Operating System tools when they already exist? is a software platform containing 9 different tools utilized by the well-known Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS): Meetings, To-Do’s, Vision, Scorecards, Issues, Process Docs, Rocks, Org Charts and 1:1 Meetings.


The benefits you receive by using these tools include:


·         Reduce the amount of time wasted on unproductive, frustrating meetings.

·         Document and share the organization's visions, goals, and progress, so everyone understands what’s happening within their own company.

·         Genuinely start to love your work again. Our system will reduce (or eliminate) some of your daily sources of frustration and give you a framework to get you on track.

·         Reflect on what’s important to your employees — from a personal to an organizational level.

·         Communicate more effectively and accurately — the expectations for a new hire, the details of an assigned task, departmental and company-wide updates, and more.

·         Get serious about monitoring data and measurables, so they can all lead to informed decisions that move the needle.


I have seen so many small business owners try to put all of this on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, printed out and in folders never to be seen again.


Ninety is an innovative, cloud-based business operating system (BOS) that helps organizations focus, align, and thrive.  Click here for a FREE 30-day trial (click "sign-up" and you will brought to a page for the free trial).



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